zzcxz is functioning again

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you are about to view a force directed graph of <span class="cyan">zzcxz</span>, a collaborative interactive fiction website by <span class="cyan">citrons</span>. this will contain <span class="cyan">spoilers</span> for zzcxz, so i strongly recommend you try it out before continuing. common side effects of continuing without using zzcxz first include intense guilt, deep regret, immediate apification, and feelings of worthlessness.
note: at time of writing (2022-06-23), zzcxz and all other citrons-created content is offline. zzcxz visualizer will not work until it is no longer offline.
<li><a href="https://zzcxz.citrons.xyz/" class="option">visit zzcxz (recommended)</a></li>
<li><a href="https://citrons.xyz/" class="option">visit citrons' website</a></li>