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from flask import Flask, render_template, send_from_directory, abort, request, make_response
from werkzeug.middleware.proxy_fix import ProxyFix
import markdown2
import datetime
import os
import ast
markdown_extras = ["fenced-code-blocks", "footnotes", "strike", "tables", "metadata"]
data = {
"feet": [
"Best viewed using Internet Explorer 6 or earlier",
"The HORSE is a noble animal",
"<code>segmentation fault (core dumped)</code>",
"Bees land on thyme",
"<code># cat /dev/urandom > /dev/sda</code>",
"<code>:(){ :|: & };:</code>",
"Formal complaints will recieve responses within 5-7 business days",
"Copywrong © 3034. All rights unreserved.",
"[<span style='text-decoration: underline;'>citation needed</span>]",
"Best viewed with eyes",
"Your browser does not support 7D graphics. Please update for the best user experience.",
"Press SPACE to jump",
"If problems persist, please return to the nearest Blockbuster Video® establishment.",
"Oversalt to taste",
"curl -s -L | bash",
"Submit footer text via carrier pigeon to <code>[REDACTED]</code>",
"GEORGE is inevitable.",
" is known to the state of California to cause [REDACTED], ███████, and [DATA EXPUNGED]",
"Certified <a href=\"\">RFC 9225</a> compliant.",
"9/10 dentists refused to comment.",
"next_theme": {
"system": "dark",
"dark": "light",
"light": "contrast",
"contrast": "contrast-dark",
"contrast-dark": "system",
def index_projects(app):
projects = []
proj_dir = os.path.join(app.root_path, app.template_folder, "projects")
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(proj_dir):
for file in files:
with open(os.path.join(root, file)) as f:
metaline =[0]
if metaline.startswith("{% set meta="):
meta = metaline[12:-2].strip()
meta = ast.literal_eval(meta)
meta["path"] = os.path.relpath(root, start=proj_dir)
meta["file"] = file
except Exception as e:
return sorted(projects, key=lambda p: p.get("title"))
def index_blog(app):
blogposts = []
blog_dir = os.path.join(app.root_path, "blog")
for file in os.listdir(blog_dir):
with open(os.path.join(blog_dir, file)) as f:
contents =
html = markdown2.markdown(contents, extras=markdown_extras)
meta = html.metadata
meta["file"] = file
date_parts = file.removesuffix(".md").split("-")
date =[0]), int(date_parts[1]), int(date_parts[2]))
meta["timestamp"] = datetime.datetime.fromisoformat(meta["timestamp"])
meta["date"] = date
meta["n"] = int(date_parts[3])
meta["url"] = f"/blog/{date.isoformat().replace('-','/')}/{meta['n']}"
except Exception as e:
print("Error indexing blog post %s: %s" % (file, e))
return sorted(blogposts, key=lambda post:[post["date"], post["n"]], reverse=True)
def create_app():
app = Flask(__name__)
app.wsgi_app = ProxyFix(
app.wsgi_app, x_for=1, x_proto=1, x_host=1, x_prefix=1
data["blogposts"] = index_blog(app)
data["projects"] = index_projects(app)
def favicon():
path = os.path.join(app.root_path, "static")
return send_from_directory(path, "favicon.ico", mimetype="image/")
def four_oh_four(e):
theme = request.cookies.get("theme") or "dark"
return render_template("404.html", data=data, theme=theme)
def load_page(url):
if url.endswith(".html"):
path = os.path.join(app.root_path, app.template_folder, url)
if os.path.exists(path):
theme = request.cookies.get("theme") or "dark"
return render_template(url, data=data, theme=theme)
return abort(404)
return send_from_directory("templates", url)
def home():
return load_page("index.html")
def projects_index():
return load_page("projects.html")
def project(page, file="index.html"):
return load_page(f"projects/{page}/{file}")
def blog_list():
theme = request.cookies.get("theme") or "dark"
return render_template("blog.html", data=data, theme=theme)
def blog_page(y, m, d, n=0):
date =, m, d)
path = os.path.join(app.root_path, "blog", f"{date.isoformat()}-{n}.md")
if os.path.exists(path):
with open(path) as f:
contents =
content = markdown2.markdown(contents, extras=markdown_extras)
meta = content.metadata
theme = request.cookies.get("theme") or "dark"
return render_template("_blog.html", data=data, theme=theme, content=content, date=date, meta=meta)
return abort(404)
def blog_rss():
xml = render_template("rss.xml", data=data)
response = make_response(xml)
response.headers["Content-Type"] = "application/rss+xml; charset=utf-8"
return response
def blog_atom():
xml = render_template("atom.xml", data=data)
response = make_response(xml)
response.headers["Content-Type"] = "application/atom+xml; charset=utf-8"
return response
return app