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Abridged is a configurable and fault-tolerant bridge for Discord, IRC, and Matrix.


  • Bridge between multiple IRC servers and multiple Discord/Matrix bots
  • Automatically and independently restart bridge nodes on error
  • Feature flags to enable/disable each supported platform


An example configuration is provided in example-config.toml. The path to the configuration should be passed as the first command-line argument.


cargo build --release

The following feature flags are enabled:

  • irc - enable IRC support
  • discord - enable Discord support
  • matrix - enable Matrix support
  • matrix-e2ee - enable end-to-end encryption support for Matrix
  • tls-rustls use rustls for TLS
  • tls-native use the native TLS library (probably OpenSSL) for TLS

tls-rustls and tls-native are mutually exclusive. By default, all platforms and platform-specific features are enabled and rustls is used for TLS.