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Quectocraft Plugin API

Quectocraft plugins are written in Lua. Examples can be seen in the plugins directory. Plugins can either be a single Lua file or a directory containing a file named main.lua.

Plugin table

All information about a plugin is stored in a table, which must be returned at the end of the plugin. This table contains both information about the plugin and functions that act as event handlers.

Field Description
id The plugin's ID. This should consist of lowercase letters and underscores only.
name The plugin's human-readable name.
description The plugin's description.
authors A list of the plugin's authors.
version The plugin's version (semantic versioning encouraged).
init Called when the plugin is initialized. The server table is available at this point.
registerCommands Called to register the plugin's commands. Arguments: a registry table.
playerJoin Called when a player joins. Arguments: the player's name, the player's UUID.
playerLeave Called when a player leaves. Arguments: the player's name, the player's UUID.
chatMessage Called when a player sends a chat message. Arguments: the message, the player's name and UUID.
pluginMessage Called when a client sends a plugin message. Arguments: the channel, the message, the player's name and UUID.
command Called when a player runs a command. Arguments: the command, the arguments, the player's name and UUID.

The server table

The server table is used to interact with the server. It has the following fields:

Field Description
players A map from UUIDs to player names.
sendPluginMessage Send a player a plugin message. Arguments: the player (name or UUID), the channel, the message.
sendMessage Send a player a message. Arguments: the player (name or UUID), the message.
broadcast Broadcast a message to all online players. Arguments: the message.
disconnect Disconnect a player from the server. Arguments: the player (name or UUID), the reason (optional)

The registry table

The registry table is used to register commands. It is only available from the registerCommands event handler.

Field Description
addCommand Add a command. Arguments: the name of the command

The logger table

The logger table is used to log information the the console. It has the following functions for different logging levels: trace, debug, info, error, warn. A logger should be initialized in the init event handler.

Chat components

Wherever a chat component is expected (chat messages, disconnect reasons), the plugin can either provide a string or a chat component. Lua tables are a very good approximation for JSON, and as such translating between JSON chat components and tables is not very difficult. See the wiki.vg documentation for chat components for more information.