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ramdl: download moar RAM (100% reel no scamz no hackz)

Is your computer constantly low on memory? Need more dedotated wam for your minecraft server? Want to run modern, 21st century software?

With ramdl, downloading more RAM has never been so easy. Gone are the days of slow, inefficient RAM downloading methods. Downloading more RAM is as simple as following these three easy steps:

  1. Obtain access to a server with plenty of RAM
  2. Run the ramdl_server script as root on the server
  3. Run the ramdl script as root on your PC


Usage: # ramdl_server <mountpoint> <size>

For example, to create a 1G ramdisk at /mnt/ramdl, run # ramdl_server /mnt/ramdl 1G. The script will create the directory if it does not already exist.

To unmount the ramdisk, simply # umount <mountpoint>.


Usage: # ramdl <user@host:path> <mountpoint>

For example, if the previous command was run from, we could mount it to /mnt/downloaded-ram with # ramdl /mnt/downloaded-ram.


PLEASE DO NOT run ramdl on a real machine. as the downloaded ram is very slow, it is quite likely that corruption will occur.

ramdl_server should be safe to run on a real machine (i have done so to great success), but i take no responsibility for what happens if you do.

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