Bundle multiple RSS feeds into one
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RSS Bundler

RSS Bundler is a Rust program that allows you to combine multiple RSS feeds into one. An instance of RSS Bundler for the members of the GEORGE webring is currently hosted at https://api.trimill.xyz/george-bundle/rss.xml.


The binary takes only one argument: a path to the config file. The resulting feed is located at /rss.xml.


The config file is written in JSON. The following fields are required:

Field Description
title The feed's title
link A link to the feed's website
users A list of users. Each user must have a name field containing the user's name and a rss field with a link to an RSS feed.

The following fields are optional:

Field Description Default value
description The feed's description Empty
default_title Title to use for posts that do not have a title field <untitled>
refresh_time Minutes to wait between fetching RSS feeds 60 (one hour)
status_page Generate the status page (see below) true
title_format Format for post titles. Use {name} for the user's name and {title} for the original title. [{name}] {title}
worker_threads Number of threads to spawn for the web server. 4
port Port number for web server 4400
host Host for web server

Here is an example configuration:

    "title": "Example bundle",
    "description": "Demonstration of RSS Bundler",
    "link": "https://github.com/trimill/rss-bundler",
    "refresh_time": 30,
    "title_format": "({name}) {title}",
    "worker_threads": 2,
    "port": 5000,
    "users": [
        { "name": "trimill", "rss": "https://trimill.xyz/blog/rss.xml" }

Status page

RSS Bundler also generates a status page, available at /status. This page shows the last date a feed was fetched and parsed successfully and, if the last try was erroneous, the error that occured. If an error occurs while fetching or parsing a feed, the last good version will be used instead.